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Aaron Lytal started his remodeling and design career in 2006 when he took on a summer job with Craftsmanship By John (CBJ), a custom remodel and design company based in Houston. With the original plan to dig ditches, he ended up doing computer work in the office. The skills Aaron had gained through video game design were applied to his office work and he quickly became a draftsman. While he was attending the University of Oklahoma, he worked the summers at Craftsmanship By John, where he developed a knack for designing spaces. His mathematics and programming background gives him a unique eye for symmetry and spatial planning. Through the tutelage of the incredible builders at CBJ, and his own studies, after graduation, Aaron went from a part time draftsman to a full time position. His job responsibilities included Drafting, Design, and IT responsibilities. He has worked on projects that have won awards through the GHBA, Prism and Texas Star. Aaron adapts to most situations and creates a unique design for the clients’ styles or tastes. With proficiency in using the drafting program, clients can sit with him and see the changes to their home in real time He looks forwards to continue to learn and grow in the industry and to help clients for years to come.