Samsung Gear 360 Review

I am always incredible excited to open up a new piece of tech that I believe has the ability to revolutionize an industry that I am a part of. While at the NKBA Thought Leadership Summit I had Shelly Palmer talk a little bit about the Samsung Gear 360 and decided…

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How to Overcome Flood Damage

How to Overcome Flood Damage The occurrence of floods is one of the most unfortunate incidents and with natural disasters striking every now and then, it is better to keep a guide about how to deal with the aftereffects of a flood. Not only natural disasters but overflowing rivers, melting…

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Benefits of 3D Designs

Architectural Rendering: How Visualizing A Home Design in 3D Can Help People With the emergence of different architectural or design tools, the way people can see the design and even the interior of a home or any establishment is easier and more stylish than ever. Unlike the usual steps where…

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