How to Overcome Flood Damage

How to Overcome Flood Damage

The occurrence of floods is one of the most unfortunate incidents and with natural disasters striking every now and then, it is better to keep a guide about how to deal with the aftereffects of a flood. Not only natural disasters but overflowing rivers, melting of ice, or a ruptured dam may result in overflowing water in your area.

The restoration process is long and tiring. The insurance companies do not offer funds before some considerate amount of time has passed so one has to be prepared to stay away from the house for a very long period of time. With a number of houses requiring restoration, it is not until a year after the mishap that you can actually get done with the restoration process and think of going back to your beloved house.

Although, it is wished that any such calamity never strikes anyone but it very wise to know what to do if such a situation is encountered. Following are the series of steps one has to take in order to deal with the damages caused by flood:

Be ready to witness a sight that might bring you to tears. Your furniture will be washed away and the floor will be revealing because the wall-to-wall carpet will not be there anymore.

Houston Flood

Remove any soaked carpet or a furniture item as soon as possible. Set up industrial fans in the whole area so that the drying process is carried out as soon as possible. Depending on the weather conditions, either turn up the heat or the air conditioning because this has to be done as soon as possible.

  • watch Contact your Insurance Company:

Call your insurance company, now!

  • Get the Company to Send an Adjuster:

Ask the company to send an adjuster as soon as possible because this is the person who will note down the necessary steps to be taken to carry out the restoration of the house. Work closely with him as you need to build up a strong friendship with him.

  • Inspect for Mold:

Take samples from the walls and ceiling and send it to the labs to check for any presence of mold.

  • Wait:

Wait for the test results because starting reconstruction can prove to be useless at this stage if moisture is still present inside the wall.

  • Begin Reconstruction:

Once you get negative test results on the mold, it is good to start with the reconstruction. Get a bid with

  • Find a Holding Zone:

It is better to find a holding zone for all the furniture at a nearby area otherwise decide a room in the house and move all the stuff there.

  • Make lots of Decisions:

This is the time to give your house a new look so be sure to think of all avenues with your redesign. Hire a consultant to help make your new space the best space it can be.

  • Review your Insurance Coverage:

This is the time when you will realize the importance of having a vast insurance coverage. You will be in a better position if the policy covers not only the furniture items but also the walls and ceiling because most of your money will go into bringing them in the right picture.

It is important to make sure that every corner of the house is dealt with prior to calling off the renovation process. The process will be a blow to your bank account (if you do not have a wide insurance coverage) but it is fine as long as you get your home sweet home back in the perfect shape.

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