Samsung Gear 360 Review

I am always incredible excited to open up a new piece of tech that I believe has the ability to revolutionize an industry that I am a part of. While at the NKBA Thought Leadership Summit I had Shelly Palmer talk a little bit about the Samsung Gear 360 and decided I had to get one. Needless to say I have not been disappointed in the amount this small camera can do for me and my clients. Pros

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  • You can see where the image was stitched together if you have objects that are very linear in the image. (Siding, Baseboard, etc..)
  • You can occasionally see differences in lighting in the image where it was stitched together. This can be fixed with Photoshop.
  • At the time I am writing this I cannot find a good image viewer that doesn’t require using a web browser. I am sure this is only a temporary issue.
  • Harsh lights like recessed cans and sconces tend to bleed light into areas they should not. I will continue to play around with it and see if this is user error.

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Using Chief Architects Panoramic Render and the 3D images from the Gear 360, it really opens the possibilities to give a home owner the ability to stand in their own home and truly see what it will look like after a renovation process. To take it to the next level you could incorporate Samsung’s Gear VR to give them a virtual tour of every room you create for them.

Overall Reaction

Overall I would say I am incredible happy with my purchase. I still believe Samsung has a lot of things they can improve upon but for a first generation for a new type of tech I am very impressed.

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